STRAWBAR on the road: Trip to Ioannina #5

The journey continues and the premium spirit, STRAWBAR was back at Ioannina for two unforgettable nights.
The night of Thursday, March 19, the guests at the Accademia Del Panino had the opportunity to taste the STRAWBAR mixologist expert's unique cocktail creations.
With the premium spirits STRAWBAR Origin 40.0% abv and STRAWBAR Platinum 45.0% abv as a basis, six different cocktails were presented. Served straight and chilled, the spirit reveals its uniqueness, while the vibrant and velvety taste of STRAWBAR and its fruity aroma also make it an ideal cocktail base.
Each palate has different expectations, which is why the taste experience of STRAWBAR Cocktails is collected by the team and constitutes valuable material for its development. Those who tasted and shared their experiences won STRAWBAR gifts!
Again, the night of Friday, May 20 at the Petit Cafe Bistro was wonderful, tinged with a summery atmosphere.
Quite a few attendees quickly found their favourite STRAWBAR Cocktail, which they ended up ordering again after the initial tasting, for added enjoyment!
STRAWBAR on the road continues. Stay tuned!

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